Reimagining mental health for kids.

Through an immersive, nurturing, evidenced-based app used at school, we enable kids to regulate their emotions and develop the healthy coping strategies that make it possible to learn.


Our Approach

When students at high-need schools experience emotional distress their only source of help is a busy teacher, or the one social worker at their school who is required to serve 500 other students. The lack of a support system has a devastating effect on a child’s ability to learn - leading to disastrous effects on literacy, academic achievement, and adult life outcomes. Existing school staff do not have time and energy to emotionally support each kid, and high-need schools can’t hire more people. We aim to simulate this human support with technology.


For students, it’s an additional layer of support. For teachers, it’s a behavior management tool. For social workers, it’s a way to deliver therapeutic support outside of one-on-one interventions. For principals and other school admin, it’s a way to support kids in an evidenced-based, trauma-informed way when there are too few trained staff.


Our content will be trauma-informed and evidence-based, designed to enable kids to process and regulate their emotions; develop new narratives about themselves, school and life; feel supported beyond their family network; build self-efficacy through managing and achieving goals; and establish a mindset for learning and participation.


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