We power educational equity by enabling high-impact, person-to-person giving. 

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Who We Are

CloseGap is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization built on the simple idea that all kids, no matter the income level of the household they were born into, deserve to have the basic resources necessary to participate in school and do well. Based in San Francisco, our organization is dedicated to education equity for all students.



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What We Do 

CloseGap enables anyone to donate high-impact resources to low-income students. A lack of basic resources, like shoes, school supplies and hygiene products, is a key driver of the achievement gap. The achievement gap inhibits social mobility and perpetuates poverty. We reverse this cycle by ensuring each and every student has what they need to succeed in school and ultimately transition out of poverty. 

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How It Works


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Become a Changemaker

Choose from students of all ages and backgrounds. Review their list of needs, select which items you'd like to purchase, and then wait for your thank you letter! You may also donate a specified amount to the CloseGap School Fund, which CloseGap will distribute among students most in need.

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Register as a Student

Students may register for CloseGap with the help of a teacher, social worker or school administrator. Families may also register at home and will be required to undergo income verification.  Once the student is approved, they have the opportunity to select up to ten items to add to their list of needs.

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Our Partners