We’ve created this toolkit for you so you have all the resources you need in one place.


  • Get help uploading your students

    • If you’ve signed up students and they aren’t receiving emails, it’s likely your school is blocking our “” domain. Check with your IT department to see if we’re being blocked.

  • Parent Letter - This is for educators to send to parents explaining what Closegap is and why it's being used in the classroom! This also offers parents an opportunity to opt-out.

  • Share Closegap with your co-workers and fellow educators by sending them to this link.

  • Print parental consent form: COPPA

    • If you’re struggling to get a signed COPPA consent form back from a parent, you can also get verbal consent over the phone or written consent through text message.

    • If your school already has a COPPA form that covers all of the digital systems you use for kiddos, then you don't need to get this COPPA form signed. You're already covered!

    • Available for download in English and Spanish.

  • Read our User Agreement & Privacy Policy


Can all students use Closegap?

  • Yes, Closegap has been designed for all students. We first started building Closegap with Tier 2 and Tier 3 students in mind and then we very quickly realized educators want to use it for all students. Some educators are enthusiastic about using it for their highest need students and others are excited to sign up their entire class - it’s really up to you!

Can parents use Closegap?

  • Yes! If your child’s teacher is already using Closegap you can request access. If your child’s school is not yet using Closegap, you can make an account for them at home, and then offer access to an educator if you so choose. Learning how to identify and understand emotions at school is meaningful, and becomes even more meaningful when used at home. We encourage parents to talk through their child’s experience after using Closegap. This can be a powerful catalyst for connection and understanding between a parent and child.

Do I need to get buy-in from my school administrators?

  • Closegap does not require school-wide or even class-wide implementation. You do not need to get buy-in from administration in order to use the platform. In fact, we designed the platform so teachers, school counselors and social workers can easily create an account, register students and begin supporting students’ emotional wellbeing quickly and without a lot of barriers in their way.

Is it really free?

  • Yes, Closegap is really free! We believe in access and the fact that mental and emotional health should not be a privilege. We want all students, from all sorts of socioeconomic backgrounds and all schools, within all sorts of communities to use and benefit from Closegap.

Getting Started VideoS

A video to watch with your kiddos about Closegap!

Quick Demo on how to upload groups of students and individuals to Closegap =)