Closegap enables educators to:

  • Easily triage students based on real-time emotional data

  • Identify students flying under the radar

  • Receive emotional insight on students before class begins

  • Communicate and collaborate across devices with all school staff

  • Understand and intervene on emotional indicators before they negatively impact academic outcomes


Important things to know before take off:

  • It’s free! We believe it is imperative for everyone to have access to this tool. So access it all you want, for free :)

  • Closegap does not require school-wide implementation. You can sign up as many students as you'd like. You can start with one classroom, your tier 2 students, your frequent flyers or your entire school. It’s up to you!

  • All students registered on the platform must have parental consent. Parents must sign both our COPPA and FERPA forms.

  • Some educators use Closegap as a check-in/check-out intervention, others as a way to de-escalate a student before an outburst occurs, and for teachers, as a way to understand the emotional worlds of their students prior to the start of class.

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Have more questions? Check out our Educator’s Toolkit for more resources and FAQ!